Week 2: Tyler rationale

When thinking back to my elementary and high school days, I can only remember one particular moment when I felt like the Tyler rationale took place in my schooling days. I was standing in front of my grade four class solving a math problem, and I remember the teacher asking me to rewrite my fours and how the teacher didn’t like the way I wrote down my fours, it was incorrect in her eyes. I was asked to stay inside at recess to practice writing out my fours, as the way I was doing it was incorrect. I wasn’t aware of what was happening at the time as I was young and always had listened to what my teacher told me to do, but now I realized what was going on.

The Tyler rationale creates limitations in a classroom, this shows us that he had only cared about the finished product rather than the learning journey they took to get where they ended up. For some students taking a test can cause anxiety or many other things, and due to this, they may not be accurately graded. It doesn’t show us how much the student has grown and improved over the learning journey, and sometimes that can be the most crucial point.  From listening to Monday’s lecture, we had talked about the hidden curriculum and having a student grow and improve would be apart of that hidden curriculum. You want to see your students grow and succeed in all things they do, but that isn’t apart of the Saskatchewan curriculum.

I think there would be a select few students that this theory might work for, students who succeed on tests may find this beneficial as the test is the end result. For other students, this theory would be negative in their learning adventure. Tyler’s rationale wasn’t all negative and it wasn’t all positive. One positive thing I took from reading it was it will give teachers and students a guideline.

Tyler Rationale Link: Smith2000 CurriculumTheoryPractice.pdf








First Response

How does Kumashiro define ‘commonsense?’ Why is it so important to pay attention to the ‘commonsense’?

Kumashiro defines common sense in being told to teach something rather than the teacher learning and understanding it and then distributing that knowledge to the students.  He explains it as something needed in your life to make it a little easier. He also explains the various types of common sense, and how they are different in every part of the world.

It is important to pay attention to common sense as it’s the most basic way of understanding or perceiving something. Therefore it is important to pay attention to common sense because otherwise, we lack the basic ability of understanding and problem-solving. Every single person views common sense differently as well, for one person commonsense might be a different idea than the next person.  It will be something very relevant in your life therefore we all need to pay attention.

Writing the self-analysis​: Gender


From birth, gender is one important thing that identifies who you are, Or at least that’s what we were taught from a young age. Gender is one simple thing that can be not thoroughly understood. A topic that has given us so many normative narratives to discuss, especially throughout this class. However, I have to admit this class is the most informational way I have received information about gender. In this activity, the one thing that had been brought to my attention was that women are meant to be in the house; cleaning, cooking and doing laundry. Not out playing professional sports like many males do. I have found that Dylans Blog and Brayden’s Blog have connections to my blog as we are both discussing gender in sports and physical activity.

Dylan’s story ” Gender” represents the idea that girls can play a male’s sport too, but get judged harshly from the other team because of her gender. He talks about how “She was the best guard on our team, I had always admired her play style.” To me, that statement means that a girl is totally capable of being able to play a high-level sport with male athletes and be able to keep up with them even if she is a different gender. In our readings, we had to read about ” Discourses of Sexism in Advertising” (DiAngelo & Sensoy, 2012 pg. 108) Sports was hugely emphasized in this chapter. The quote ” Girls and women in sports are not taken seriously in the mainstream culture.” (DiAngelo & Sensoy, 2012 pg. 108) Relates to Dylan’s story as the boys felt they couldn’t play as hard against her because she was a girl, they looked at her gender and judged her. They did not look at the talented young athletic female she was. Dylan continues to describe the settings and then goes to say the other team complains and uses the excuse ” they felt they weren’t allowed to play as hard.”   I can relate this to my story as the boys were judging me based on my gender saying I wasn’t capable to do something athletic because I was a girl. Which had made me angry and wanting to prove them wrong, but for some girls, it would’ve had strongly discouraged them into quitting. Brayden’s story ” Gender”  explains how his gym class was also split up by gender but his teacher had given him an explanation “Some felt that it would be fairer and some people would feel more comfortable if we split up the two genders.” I think his teacher had given a reasonable answer as in My story my teacher had not given us an explanation as to why the gym classes had to be separated by gender.


The normative narrative present in the two stories that had all related to mine was girls weren’t taken seriously when it came to sports and being physically active. As girls, we had gotten based on our gender, not our talent. It is clear in Dylan’s Story and My Story that the normative narrative had been girls weren’t taken seriously when it came to sports. As a young girl, I can remember being heavily involved in many organized sports throughout my community and had enjoyed it. It had created lifelong memories with friends and I learned many life skills I use today. As a young girl growing up girls were based in the category of being smart and boys were dumb, girls weren’t athletic and boys were. Our society and created gender norms for us to believe in that affected us in a negative way.


The book ” Is Everyone really equal ? ” has connected the idea of ” Girls and women in sports are not taken seriously in the mainstream culture.” (DiAngelo & Sensoy, 2012 pg. 108) That idea is represented in all three stories.  Although Dylan Story talks more about girls being judged based on their gender and Brayden Story talks about how gender is split up because of comfort and privacy reasons they both have connections to My Story as I talk about both.

I think that Dylan’s Story tries to disrupt the normative narrative of girls being able to play a high-level sport and keep up with the males. Not having to judge everything off gender. In the book, it talks about Hayley Wickenheiser playing hockey and it not being a very feminine sport. I compared the book to Dylan’s Story as they were similar because of two females playing a “mans sport”. The girl in Dylan’s Story is playing football and in the book, Hayley is playing hockey.  ” However, the stereotype of women hockey players not being feminine follows Wickenheiser as it does all female players.”(DiAngelo & Sensoy, 2012 pg. 108) Two girls playing not so feminine sports would often have been called “TomBoy” because they had been involved with a “males” sport. A common issue with having gender-based sports.

To be a girl has been defined into many stereotypical words including… pretty, smart, kind, and shows emotions to be a boy has been defined as… rough, dumb, athletic and not to show emotions. Our book has given the statement ” We are socialized to perceive and values these categories differently”(DiAngelo & Sensoy, 2012 pg.51)  In My Story I talk about how the boys degraded my ability to do something athletic and the statement in the book proves that when given these categories we all perceive them in a different way.  Some may use it as a challenge to prove them wrong or some may take it negatively. In Dylans Story, the girl who played football may have taken the other team saying “” they felt they weren’t allowed to play as hard.”  very harshly and have felt like she let her team down because of her gender. I can now understand why girls wanted to be in a separate gym class, I had looked at my story differently. With the help of reading Brayden’s Story as well. Being born a female has led to many challenges but after doing this assignment I have realized that gender should not stop you from doing what you love or are passionate for.






Work Cited

Sensoy, O., & DiAngelo, R. (2012). Is Everyone Really Equal?: An Introduction to Key Concepts in Social Justice Education. New York, United States of America: Teachers College Press.

Self Story #4 Free Fridays

I work at the local swimming pool in Moose Jaw called the Kinsmen Sportsplex as a lifeguard/swimming lessons instructor. It has brought me much joy, I love my job always around kids and you get paid well but… there are some downsides one example is working free Fridays everyone goes crazy because of the cost is free and it’s something fun for a bunch of crazy kids to do on a Friday night. From 6:15-7:00 is free family swim so no individuals allowed, then 7:15-9:15 is free Friday swim so anyone is welcome to come. There usually ends up being 150-200 people which can get pretty overwhelming in a hurry. The hot steamy pool gets even hotter if you can believe it.

I come into work dreading being there because its Friday and there were already 100 people lined up down the long narrow hallway. I suck it up, The night goes on and a little girl with a very worn out, saggy bathing suit that had been at least three sizes too big for her; not to mention her messy hair that looked as though it hadn’t been brushed in days came up to me and asked ” excuse me, may I please borrow a lifejacket? ” I looked at her with a smile on my face and said, ” Of course come over here and we’ll find one that fits.” She was 10 years old and had fit into a lifejacket that would’ve fit a 5-year-old she was so tiny. As a proceeded to zip it up all the way she looked at me and said: ” I’m so happy we got to come swimming tonight, today’s my birthday and we couldn’t have a party because my mom and dad didn’t have enough money.” I looked at her with sadness in my eyes as my heart feels very heavy ” Did you get any gifts from them, or your friends? ” she looks away slowly then back at me ” No, but coming swimming was the best birthday gift I could’ve asked for.”  That little girl walked away with the biggest smile on her face, couldn’t have been happier to be at the swimming pool on her 10th birthday.

This little girl had made my point of view on free Fridays completely different, not only did I realize it was a place for children to come and play with their friends if they didn’t have a good home environment but it was also a place for families to come if they couldn’t afford to go to the movies or take them out for a nice family supper. It had been a place in our community that families with lower income could bring their children to.

That’s when I realized my class, I hadn’t ever experienced being disappointed as a child because my parents couldn’t afford to put on a birthday party or not receiving any gifts. I had always been fortunate enough to have a Christmas with presents under the tree, go on hot holidays during school breaks and multiple other things I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to do.

Self Story #3 Gym class

Gym class had just started, all 25 boys and girls were lined up across the back wall ready to play kickball. We were a grade seven and eight split class mostly contained boys. As we all know pre-teen and teenage boys think they can do it all; be the smartest in the class, run the fastest in the gym anything you name they’re the best. Right before we start to play kickball Zack announces to the class ” watch me kick this to the back wall” as he takes his big wind up at the red dodgeball he swings and misses with the whole class laughing hysterically at him. He was terribly embarrassed, I truly felt bad until he decided to make another snarky comment directed towards me as It was my turn                   ” Marlee I bet you can’t kick hard enough to get to the back wall.” I looked at Zack then looked at my friend Hailey with excitement in my eyes, and I take a big wind up and kick the ball as hard as I can I start running and see It flying in the air just about reaching the back wall. I did it I kicked to dodgeball to the back wall, something he couldn’t do. I loved the competitiveness of having a mixed gendered gym class, having boys in my gym class had always pushed me to try and be the best me I could be.

Fast forward to grade nine, all excited for a new school, new friends and many new adventures to come my way. The first day of high school comes around and I have Phys.ed the first period of the day. The whispers in the changeroom got me excited to meet new girls and boys while being physically active something I had really enjoyed. As I walk into the gym I notice an older female woman Mrs. Strueby our new Phys.ed teacher. We walk a little further and she says to Sydney and myself “Welcome please have a seat on the bleachers” I walk over with Sydney and we take a seat, I leaned over and whispered, “Where are all the boys ?” Neither of us had an answer. As we patiently waited for Our teacher to get started, there were mumblings going around that this was an all girls gym class. I thought to myself how could this be? Why wouldn’t there be any boys in my class? I was confused as to why we couldn’t have a co-ed gym class. Well the mumblings were true, Mrs. Strueby said ” Yes, as you are all wondering this is an all girls gym class”

Since that class, I had always wondered why they needed to separate the two genders from engaging in physical activity together in Grade nine Phys.ed class.

Reading​ Response #1

To think as myself as a treaty person seems wrong, I am not Indigenous, I don’t have a treaty card, and I don’t take part in any form of Indigenous culture activities or ceremonies. So what makes it ok for me to be a treaty person?  As a Canadian Citizen, we are all Treaty people, we all have our own rights and responsibilities. Treaties represent a relationship between the government of Canada and First Nations.
I feel uneasy when I read or hear the sentence ” We are all treaty people.” Being a white Canadian gives me the idea of only First Nations being treaty people that being said, to think those thoughts are very racialized perspective and missed information about this topic due to lack of understanding throughout the education system. If I were to think of myself as a treaty person I would be more openly accepting into gaining more knowledge of their culture and religion. I really wonder how they feel being a different ethnicity than us Canadians and us still being considered in the same social norm. How does it make them feel knowing we are all the same? Does it affect them in a negative way knowing we have little to no knowledge about there culture but are still considered Treaty people?
As  ( Singleton and Hays pg. 3) Cyndie Hays and Glenn E. Singleton     mentions you may be uncomfortable about your race.” Since we are individually and collectively constantly being socialized into racialist points of views, it is likely that we will discover places of intense disagreement……. “) Are Canadians racist? Is it ok to call us that, are there proven statements and facts we are racist? Some individual Canadians are racist you can definitely prove that. Is it politically correct to call all of Canada out for being racist? As Canadians, we are all allowed to speak our mind, allowed to have our own opinions and speak the truth. All though sometimes people don’t think or care about respecting other peoples thoughts and opinions. All though Canadians have the reputation of being the
“Kind” country

Self Story #2 Let’s be friends​

As we continue to grow as children we constantly ask more questions, children are curious. They have so much information to retain and take in at such a young age, I often wonder if they truly understand what some things mean including race. Do they really understand why different colored kids are in their classes at school or swimming lessons, dance class, soccer teams?

I had attended Sunningdale Elementary school in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and can remember there not being a single kid in my classes that was a different skin color than the rest of us. I never had to encounter another child my age that was a different skin color until Timbits soccer when I was 8 years old. If you don’t know what Timbits soccer is, well picture a bunch of tiny children running around a green field trying to chase this round ball rolling around. With the added factor of the overly protective parents running onto the field when their child falls down or gets hurt.

On a very normal day, I rush home from school to grab an after-school snack and hop in the van to go to soccer practice. I get these butterflies in my tummy because I can remember at the end of last practice coach saying ” Listen up kids, We will be having a new girl join our team next practice.” I was thrilled to have another girl join our team considering only 3 girls had played and the rest were boys. As we get to the soccer field I can see my team and the new girl, as we start to drive closer I notice she doesn’t have the same color skin as the rest of the team or myself. I looked at my mother and said: ” Why is the new girl not our skin color?” She looked at me with a confused daze, I put her in a position that most parents would’ve never thought they needed to have to deal with. She responded with uncertainty in her voice; ” Well Marlee, Some families have come from different parts of the world because it’s not safe where they live anymore and they want to protect their families, Or some people were born here but have a different ethnicity than we do.” I looked at my mom and said with a big smile on my face ” I hope she is nice!”

I hopped out of the silver minivan and rushed to the field where my team was practicing, aggressively putting on my equipment not being able to contain my excitement about the new girl. Coach got us all settled down in a circle with the new girl standing right beside him. ” Everyone please welcome Allison, She will be joining our team for the rest of the season.”  The boys had little interest, a simple smile was sent her way.  Little screams and squeals from us girls, we couldn’t be more excited to have another girl to add to our little girl gang. Allison may have been a different color but not one of us judged her based on that. She got treated just like everyone else, with respect and kindness.

We had played the whole season together and became great friends, we had the same interest in activities and in school. All though I didn’t attend a racially diverse school, being in sports held on by my community made me get involved with other children that were racially diverse.

Self Story #1 The court is my home

  Putting on a red and yellow cyclone jersey with #14 on the back had never meant more than it did at this moment. CITY FINALS. The moment all ten girls on the team had worked so hard for. A season of volleyball had consisted of three months. During that time period, you become apart of a new family. The best kind of family I would say, a place where you can truly be yourself without any kind of judgment. The one reason we all bonded so well was our passion and love for volleyball. There was always something so special about a volleyball team, the bonds created with all the other girls throughout the duration of the season was a friendship for a lifetime. Ten girls have worked so hard to get to this point, many early morning and late night practices all worked up to one moment. It all went down on the volleyball court.
    As we sit in a circle, the smelly old change room has never felt more comforting before the big game in front of hundreds of people. Putting on my black Nike elites that haven’t been washed in weeks brings me a calming vibe as if it were just another regular 3:30 practice. Slowly sliding on my black knee pads that have a distinct shape to the curve of my knee from being worn every day. The last thing to add was my customized Nike Kobe 12’s, cherry red and gold to match our school colors. To top it all off they had my name written in gold on the inside tongue of the shoe and on the outside had #14 in cherry red. My prize possessions, My babies. I would say they were my good luck charm. Nothing can compare to a worn-in pair of shoes that fit perfectly to the shape of your foot.
    Standing in a line across the back of the court listening to our national anthem makes me extremely blessed to be a Canadian and have the opportunity to play the sport I love the most with the people I love the most.  As I step past the thick red line everything changes. The sounds of the crowd and my coaches become quiet. The only voice I hear is the one in my head. “ Marlee remember to use your legs and really push those sets out to power.” “ Jump higher when you blocking.”  Going over the motions hundreds and hundreds of times not wanting to make one simple little mistake that could cost us the game and our chance at winning city finals.
The lights had seemed as bright as a morning sunrise, the crowd had gotten louder as the game got intense. Everything had seemed a little different.  As the first rally had finished our nerves got the best of us, not winning. I knew we weren’t playing as good as we could, not too our full potential at least. It was the second set, as I was going up to serve I noticed the yellow and blue striped ball was slippery it got my nerves spiked up, but I knew the only reason the ball was moist had been caused by the effort we had put into wanting to win this game so badly.
We had battled so hard; I was extremely proud of the work my team had put into the season all though we hadn’t finished on a high note, everything leading up to it was an amazing season. I like to believe that the court is my home, spending so many hours trying to perfect the sport. Many thrilling moments happen on the court; Many disappointing moments happen on the court. I know the moment I step foot past the red thick line everything else in my life disappears, just me, my team and a volleyball.
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