Week 5: Learning From Place

In this week’s article Learning from Place: A Return to Traditional Mushkegowuk Ways of Knowing.
List some of the ways that you see reinhabitation and decolonization happening throughout the narrative: The things I saw were relationships being formed with young kids and elders within the community. How important it is to make a connection with the land that surrounds you, as it is one of the many providers. Having the elders explain to the younger kids what importances the land, river, and nature have within their culture. I also seen the use of Cree language still been spoken.

How might you adapt these ideas towards considering the place in your own subject areas and teaching? I want my classroom to be a safe place for everyone, I want it to feel inviting to all cultures and languages. I would like to have a very safe and open relationship with every one of my students for them to be able to reach out to me if they ever had a problem. I want to have a classroom with lots of hands-on work, playing instruments from Indigenous backgrounds, exploring arts from Indigenous backgrounds as well and learning how to Hoop Dance. I have learned the importance behind Hoop Dancing and I think it would be a great and active learning experience for all children.

Published by barbermarlee

Second year education student at University of Regina.

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