Week 10: Curriculum as Numeracy

Thinking back on my experience with math in the classroom, I do not have very many happy memories as I struggled with math all throughout elementary school. Math was always a difficult subject for me, I remember many teacher aids taking me out of the classroom to separately complete my work or exams with them. I remember them reading the questions and often guiding me through the process of answering the question. Often times when the question was read out loud and explained with more detail, and visuals I understood it. When the question was only explained in one way I struggled, and with the teacher only explaining it verbally to the whole class I struggled to understand. I always found myself hating math, and I wonder if that’s because I had a bad experience learning it in elementary school. If maybe I had a positive learning experience with math I would hate it so much now. I can understand how math can be oppressive to students as we are told in one way to do the question and receive that answer. In math, I got that the teachers only taught it one way and if you didn’t understand that one way, you were like me. Taken out of class to get help.

Throughout Gale’s lecture and Poirier’s article, I noticed that there was a difference in language. Poirier says that for the first three years they learn math in their native language, and after that, until grade 12 they learn it in either English or French (Poirier, 54). Indigenous math is a Eurocentric way of learning demonstrated through Oral numeration, Sense of space, and Measuring.  As a future educator, we can incorporate Indigenous math to our students for another demonstration of Indigenous ways.

Published by barbermarlee

Second year education student at University of Regina.

One thought on “Week 10: Curriculum as Numeracy

  1. Hi Marlee. I really enjoyed reading your post, as I feel it had connections to the four models of curriculum. You were saying you felt you struggled when it was only explained in one way. I feel that this could be seen as a learning experience for you, to take into your future classroom! Some students will be like you were and will not understand it in the way you are teaching it, so they will ask you for help, this will help you better your teaching experience, as you now know you should be adapting your teaching to each individual student.
    Thank you for sharing!


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